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Tree Removal in Lawrenceville

A dead or decaying tree can diminish the value of your property because it’s not just an eyesore, it’s a safety issue. As a tree decomposes, there’s a risk of it falling at any time. When this happens, it could come crashing down on some live power lines, onto people passing by or onto a neighboring property or vehicle. If you have a tree that needs to be removed from your property, don’t wait for nature to run its course. Call a trusted team of tree care specialists who can remove your dead or decaying tree safely. Call Knowtrees LLC.

Knowtrees LLC is proud to be Lawrenceville’s first choice for tree removal. Our staff of certified arborists provide top quality maintenance for commercial and residential landscapes all over Lawrenceville.

What does it take to become the best choice for tree removal in Lawrenceville? Commitment. We are committed to working with clients while each member of our team is regularly updating their skills on the latest industry techniques, innovations and practices. We’re always up-to-date on the latest industry procedures to ensure that we remove trees while maintaining the highest standard of environmental and personal safety.

Speaking of commitment, we work Monday to Sunday, 24 hours a day. This allows us to act fast in case of emergency or simply be at your service when it’s most convenient. To get a free quote on Knowtrees LLC’s tree removal services, call (678) 760-1656.

Do I Need My Tree Removed?

If you are not sure as to whether you need a tree removed from your property, here are some telltale signs that it’s time to have your tree removed:

  • The tree is beginning to lean
  • Vertical cracks or seams appear on the trunk
  • Smooth wood has not been replaced by new bark
  • Small branches are sprouting from the base
  • Mushrooms or fungus appear on the exterior
  • Wood is soft and crumbles

If these symptoms describe a tree on your property, call Knowtrees LLC to schedule an assessment before a costly accident happens.

Dying trees that are not in danger of falling on people or other structures can be left to die without any human intervention as these old, dead trees can provide shelter to local wildlife. Of course, this is rare since dying trees are unpredictable and therefore often pose a threat to property owners.

Even if the tree is healthy, if it is situated at an unsafe distance to buildings, play structures or utility lines, Knowtrees LLC’s certified arborists have the gear, knowledge and experience to safely remove the tree.

Additional Tree Removal Services

Knowtrees LLC’s basic tree removal typically involves climbing the tree and cutting it down into more manageable sizes. We also haul away the debris at no extra charge. Some clients require more than just a basic tree removal service, which is why our experienced staff of arborists can also assist you with:

  • Stump removal
  • Limb chipping
  • Tree trunk removal
  • Log splitting

Once the tree has been removed from your property, we strongly recommend investing in our stump removal services to work in tandem with our tree removal services. Trees are beautiful, but when they begin to rot from the inside, they become a hazard. Stumps, meanwhile, have little to no esthetic value and are also hazardous. Though they don’t pose the same threat as dying trees do, i.e., the potential to come crashing down onto your home, a person, a vehicle or power lines, people on your property can still trip and seriously hurt themselves if the stump is left behind.

Furthermore, tree stumps attract various insects and pests. If left unattended, it’ll only be a matter of time before the pests overrun the tree stump and start venturing towards your home in search of food and shelter. Stumps also harbor diseases that can spread throughout your garden, leaving you with a daunting and costly landscaping project to restore your yard to its former glory. Plus, stumps can sometimes sprout. One of the main reasons you cut your tree down was to remove it permanently, right? Well, if you only opt for the tree removal service without considering the benefits of a complimentary stump grinding, keep our number close by because it won’t be long before we’re back to get rid of the sampling. Don’t spend twice as much for the same service. When you decide it’s time to have your tree removed, make sure the job is done thoroughly and get the stump removed as well.

Call (678) 760-1656 to speak to one of Knowtrees LLC’s trained arborists to find out how we can help you with your tree removal today. We look forward to working with you for a safer, healthier and more esthetically pleasing landscape on your property, whether it’s your home or business.

Four Questions to Ask a Tree Care Professionals in Advance

As stated above, tree removal is a very serious job and one that involves an immense level of skill and expertise. At Knowtrees LLC we usually advise our Lawrenceville clients to pay close attention to the following rule of thumb: unless both your feet are fit on the ground, you need to call a professional. In fact, the reality is that, with the exception of very basic tree maintenance or removal, you really do need to invest in a professional service. However, selecting the right tree removal specialist for your Lawrenceville home or business is often easier said than done. That is why, we at Knowtrees LLC, advise all current or prospective clients to ask the following important questions before making a final decision on hiring a tree care professional or arborist.

  1. Can You Provide a Copy of Insurance and a Work Contract? If the answer to this question is anything other than a categorical yes then you need to walk away immediately. The simple fact of the matter is that any reputable tree removal company will furnish both of these important documents right away. At Knowtrees LLC we guarantee that this is the case with all our Lawrenceville clients.

  2. Are You Able to Provide a List of Reliable References? Again, much like the first question, this is a deal-breaker. If you are looking at a tree removal service that is unable to provide even these most basic of references then you need to strongly reconsider investing your time and effort with them. At Knowtrees LLC we are happy to provide any new or prospective clients with customer ratings from all our recent clients. In fact, we encourage this practice.

  3. What Will Your Approach Be? At Knowtrees LLC, we are highly aware of how important it is to take a careful and diligent approach to all aspects of professional tree care and removal. It is for this reason that we will guarantee that any inadvertent damage caused in the tree removal process is kept to an absolute minimum. In the unlikely event that one of our team members does damage a sprinkler head, flowerbed or garden gnome, then we will guarantee to replace it as quickly as possible. On top of that, we always ensure that we leave your Lawrenceville property looking just how we found it. These small details are all part of the impeccable tree removal service that we offer.

  4. Will You Adopt a Professional Approach? At Knowtrees LLC, we are very aware that first impressions count. That is why when you first meet our skilled team of tree removal technicians you won’t be left with any doubt of the professional approach we offer. Every part of our service, from our company truck to our tree removal equipment will look and perform to the highest possible standard. For us, that is just par for the course when it comes to offering a reliable and professional tree removal service that Lawrenceville homeowners can rely on.

Tree Removal Is Only for Professionals

Whatever you do, do not be seduced by an independent contractor who promises to remove your dead, dying or hazardous tree for cheap. Tree removal is a highly specialized skill that requires years of dedication, education and training so that it can be done correctly. Whenever a tree removal is carried out by someone who is not a certified arborist, you are not only putting your property at risk, you’re putting your whole neighborhood at risk. Worse, you could be liable for any injuries or damages that the tree removal causes if you go the cheap contractor route. Chances are, if that contractor who promised you a cheaper rate isn’t willing to get the necessary training they need to carry out a tree removal in a safe manner, they probably also neglected to get the necessary insurance to make sure they and their clients are covered in the event something goes wrong.

Peace of mind isn’t easy to come by these days. This is especially true when you have to figure out a way to remove a tree that’s become tangled up around power lines. Rather than roll the dice with someone who claims to know what they are doing, get the best arborists Lawrenceville has to offer. Get Knowtrees LLC’s tree removal services and rest easy knowing that licensed, bonded and insured professionals are working for you.

Emergency Tree Removal

Our arborist team at Knowtrees LLC has assisted many Lawrenceville homeowners with emergency tree removal after storms and lightning strikes.

When a tree or even its branches fall, it can cause major damage to your property, potentially ignite a fire if it hits a power line, and affect the electrical grid on your street.

Understanding the importance of immediate removal is the first step you need to take in the case of an emergency. Calling Knowtrees LLC is second.

No matter the size of the tree, time of day or night, or weather conditions, we’re up for any challenge and take pride in helping you keep damage to your property at a minimum.

Providing 24-hour emergency tree removal services, Lawrenceville homeowners can depend on us to address all problems with efficiency.

Lightning Protection

As one of the taller points on your property, a tree is a prime target for lightning, and when it strikes it it can have terrifying and dangerous results.

There aren’t many Lawrenceville citizens who expect to experience a lightning strike in their lifetime, but believe it or not it does happen. Trees contain a high level of moisture which acts as a conductor for lightning. When it hits, the electricity swells through the water in the trunk causing it to explode.

At Knowtrees LLC, we have a lightning protection system that will keep your trees healthy and happy, and far less likely to be hit by lightning in a storm.

Keeping your Trees Healthy

The Knowtrees LLC team are dedicated to keeping the trees of Lawrenceville healthy. Should the need for removal occur, we make ourselves available 24/7 to handle appointments as well as emergency calls.

We’re dedicated to our loyal customers and believe that customer satisfaction is number one.

Because of this, we always take extra steps when it comes to client services. Always happy to discuss and assess, we offer free quotes on services, and keep our prices competitive. Tree trimming, tree felling, and more—Knowtrees LLC guarantees top-notch tree services. Keep your trees healthy, keep your home and yard safe. Call Knowtrees LLC today to talk to a knowledgeable arborist.