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Tree Care and Removal Services

Maintaining the landscape of your property can be a tedious task. The value of a property which is left wild and unmanaged deteriorates with passing time. Lack of regular tree care maintenance increases the chances of calamities and safety hazards during natural occurrences like storms and blizzards. This makes it absolutely necessary to regularly maintain the panorama around your house. Lucky for you, Know Trees have just the right answers for your problems.

We are a group of highly qualified and trained tree arborists providing expert tree care and removal services to areas in and around Lawrenceville, Buford, and Bethlehem, GA. Be it a residential or a commercial property, big or small, we have a solution for everyone.

Tree Inspections

Do you have a tree that seems to be threatening your home or business? Give us a call. Our arborists are happy to come out and inspect all of your trees. We’ll give you a straitforward assessment about how healthy your trees are and even outline a plan if there’s a problem. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Get the tree service you need before there’s a problem.

Moving into a new home? Most people are quick to see the value of a home inspection before purchasing a house, but a tree inspection at this point is a wise investment as well. Identifying problem limbs and trees before you close on your house gives you more negotiation points. Don’t let yourself get sucked into buying other peoples tree problems. Let our arborists help you be confident about your new home.

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Any of the above reasons is good enough to plan removal of the trees. Our tree specialists are here to carefully assess your landscape to determine the best course of action. Over the years, we have become the most preferred tree cutting companies and removal service provider of homeowners and business owners in North Easter Georgia. To schedule a timely and effective tree service, call us today.

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Reasons for Tree Removal

  • Unmanageable tree roots may pose a threat to foundations, driveways, and underground utilities.
  • Trees may block out light, inhibit adjacent lawns, or other natural growth.
  • Trees may be situated dangerously close to buildings, play structures, or utility lines.
  • High-maintenance trees are dropping seeds, twigs, and branches.
  • Major storm damage.

Tree Care

When it comes to taking care of your trees, you want to find a company that you can trust. Here at Know Trees, we staff the best certified arborists and tree care enthusiasts in Georgia. Our crew members are constantly fine tuning their skills and abilities to ensure our customers receive nothing but the absolute best service. We offer a variety of service options when in comes to tree care and landscape maintenance.

Whether you’re looking for tree pruning, tree trimming, fertilizer, or even a tree maintenance plan, we have you covered.


Tree Removal

You might be wondering under what circumstances you should start to consider tree removal. There are a variety of different reasons that a tree could require removal for the safety of you and your home.

Below is some information on issues that may arise and what to lookout for:

  • Expansion or growth of tree roots that could pose a threat to the foundation of your home, driveways, sidewalks, and any underground utilities.
  • Growing to a size that can block too much light, inhibiting the growth of personal and neighboring lawns and landscapes.
  • Unsafe growth and aging of a tree that can result in increased risk of falling within an unsafe proximity of buildings and property.
  • Dropping of seeds or other items including limbs and branches making tree care onerous.
  • Damage caused by heavy winds and rain, ice storms, or other weather-related incidents that can leave your trees integrity damaged making it a hazard.


You may have heard of the term arborist but might not be exactly sure on what it is. Oftentimes referred to as a tree surgeon, an arborist is a professional who works in the practice of arboriculture which is the process of developing skills and tools in the management, and further study of wood-based plants such as trees. Here at Know Trees we staff only the most highly skilled arborists in Georgia. Our employees provide a variety of services to help boost and maintain the health of your trees.

Stump Grinding

Once a tree has been removed the stump remains an eye sore in your yard. It is left sticking out of the ground in the middle of your land. However, we offer an affordable service that can make the stump virtually disappear without causing any further damage to your yard. Stump grinding is performed by using a piece of equipment called a stump grinder to cut the stump into small pieces quite like mulch. The completed process will leave only the root system which will decay overtime. This is much better for your yard as apposed to stump removal which would rip all the roots out as well leaving your lawn a mess.

Storm Damage

Storms can have a devastating impact on your home or business, especially if there are trees nearby the facility. When tree limbs, branches, or even whole trees cause damage to your property after a storm, call the experts at Know Trees! Our storm cleanup crew is fast and friendly, with your home or business in mind.

Mother Nature doesn’t move on a set schedule, and neither does Know Trees . Since there is no such thing as a good time for a tree to fall on your home or business, Know Trees is available 24/7 to put your mind at ease.

Our Service Area

We take pride in being recognized as a trusted tree service company. Know Trees is a family-owned and operated company that goes above and beyond to provide quality service to our customers and make them feel like family. Our employees are all certified tree care experts who provide high-quality maintenance for both commercial and residential customers. We provide service to customers within Bethlehem, Bogart, Buford, Dacula, Flowery Branch, Lawrenceville, Loganville, Monroe, Statham, Watkinsville, and Winder. Customer relationship is a priority for us as we believe that trust is the foundation of quality service.

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