Trees that are healthy are a wonderful addition to your landscape. If your property’s trees are diseased and unhealthy, however, they can be a threat to your family, friends, and home. A tree service company that offers tree removal in Winder can help you identify and remove diseased trees from your property. From standard tree cutting to emergency tree removal, your arborist will provide you with the service you need. To help you decide when you need to call a tree service in Dacula, here are a list of 7 common tree diseases.

  1. Leaf RustLeaf rust will have a orange or reddish color on its leaves.
  2. Fire Blight– Fire blight give trees a burned or charred look, even if they have never been touched by a fire.
  3. Powdery Mildew– To determine the health of your trees, check their leaves for signs of damage or strange colorations. When the leaves on your trees start to appear dusty or white, this may indicate that you have a powdery mildew infestation.
  4. Gall– Gall is actually a type of fungus that prefers to grow on the trunks and branches of mature trees.
  5. Witch Broom Affect- As its descriptive name suggests, witch’s broom is a cluster of broom-like branches and twigs that can pop up in the middle of a tree’s branch.
  6. Canker- Canker appears as whitish growths along a tree’s trunk.
  7. Leaf Spot- Much like leaf rust, leaf spot causes discoloration on the leaves of a tree.

If you recognize any of these symptoms or not certain, call a professional tree service today.