When To Prune Your Sweetgum Tree

The sweet gum tree (Liquidambar styraciflua), also known as a liquid amber tree, is a fast-growing shade tree. The tree has a pyramid shape that becomes rounded as the tree matures. It has dark green, star-shaped leaves that turn colors—yellow, purple, and red—in late fall. It has [...]

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When Should I Prune My Trees?

It is always best to prune your trees during the dormant season when the leaves start to fall off. Pruning your trees at the wrong time of year can attract unwanted pests and add stress to the tree. Although some trees need to be [...]

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How Pruning Promotes the Growth of The Trees?

Do you have trees in your yard that aren’t growing well? Before you buy fertilizers and other chemicals to encourage tree growth, why not consider pruning? Many tree owners erroneously believe that trimming trees does the opposite of promoting growth. However, this [...]

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Why You Should Hire A Certified Arborist for Tree Treatment

Whether you’re trimming a few branches or clearing an orchard, tree work is a dangerous profession. This is just one of several reasons why you should consider a professional arborist for your landscaping project. Keep reading to learn more about tree services in Lawrenceville, [...]

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Harmful Pests and Beetles That Can Destroy Your Trees

You love your trees. They shade your home and yard in the hot days of summer and beautify your property all year round. The trouble is that you’re not the only one who loves them. A growing number of pests are also attracted to [...]

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