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Common Questions Regarding Arboriculture

Here at Know Trees in Lawrenceville and Buford, GA, we have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions about tree service to provide you with instant answers to your queries. Feel free to review our FAQs section to learn more about arboriculture and the services we provide. In case your inquiries are not addressed through this page, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Arborists are trained professionals who specialize in caring and maintaining various plants and trees. They have undergone official assessment of knowledge and competence to provide proper tree care. At Know Trees, we are staffed with certified arborists who are always up to date on the latest techniques in arboriculture.

Oak, elm, and most deciduous hardwood trees require yearly fertilization. Depending on age and condition, different species of trees have different needs. A thick ground cover of fallen leaves provides a good supply of nutrients to a tree for several months. Trees in urban areas can derive nutrition from planted shrubs or grasses. Consult the expert arborists at Know Trees for more details.

Tar spot is a common cosmetic condition that is unsightly but does not harm a tree and is usually cyclical. For a professional opinion regarding the health of your trees, contact us.
In accordance with flowering and fruit production cycles, most trees can be trimmed year round. However, some trees require canopy reduction following a flowering period and not before.
Winter is usually the best time to remove a tree since it has shed its leaves and most adjacent greenery is also dormant. By then, tree removal is easier and more efficient.

At Know Trees, we can cut your tree into firewood or remove it from your property as desired.

Yes, we provide the Lawrenceville and Bethlehem, GA areas as well as the surrounding regions with seasonal tree care packages that include a complete line of tree care services.

Tree Removal Ordinances

In most counties and cities around metro Atlanta, you must obtain a permit to remove trees prior to beginning any project. This includes alive, dying, or dead trees. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to do this. Know Trees tree services can answer questions you may have about the application but does not handle this part of the project. When the permit is approved and obtained, then we perform the tree removal service. Our service can include tree root removal and tree stump grinding.

Click here to view a list summarizing local regulations and contacts. This is provided as a convenience and is not warranted as accurate. Please verify with local authority.

Ask Our Tree Service Experts

Should you have further questions about tree service, just call, fax, or email us using the provided contact details. With our experience and expertise, we can provide more detailed, tree-specific answers about your tree’s maintenance needs, issues with disease or climate, and more. While we hope these FAQs can help answer your general questions and give you a better idea of what services we can provide for your trees, we know that some issues and questions require more detailed and specific solutions.

We are happy to answer questions over the phone or provide on-site estimates for services. Our friendly and knowledgeable tree service experts are here to provide the additional information you require. We are more than happy to help you better understand the nature of our work and the professional services we offer you. We hope to hear from you soon!

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