How Climate Change Can Affect Tree Health 1Climate change is a prominent topic in the news. So, you might ask yourself: how will a changing climate affect trees in my area? Like many things related to climate change, it’s an ongoing area of study. Being in the field, tree cutting services in Lawrenceville, GA, get a firsthand look at how trees are reacting. Here are a few of the impacts of climate change that could affect how trees fare in the future.

Changing Temperatures

As temperatures rise, it could impact which trees thrive and which ones decline in vitality. Tree species have a certain tolerance for a temperature range. If the overall temperatures change, it could stress some trees. That doesn’t mean the trees will necessarily die, but they may not be as vigorous. One stress factor alone will generally not kill a tree, but it could weaken it. If you add in additional stress factors, trees then do become more vulnerable. Some of these additional stress factors are related to climate change.

Changing Precipitation Patterns

Climate change will cause some regions to get more precipitation and others less. Creating a wetter or drier environment will affect the health of some species. Tree species have different needs and tolerances related to water. Some species thrive in a wetter environment, while others prefer drier conditions. Every tree company in Lawrenceville, GA, is monitoring the situation to see how local trees are reacting to the precipitation patterns in the area.

Insects and Diseases

How Climate Change Can Affect Tree Health 2Changing climatic conditions affect more than just the trees themselves, but also the insects and diseases that bother trees. That’s both good and bad news. Some pests may become less common as conditions become less hospitable, but others may move in to new areas if conditions become more to their liking. When a service provides tree cutting in Lawrenceville, GA, they closely track and record the presence of insects and diseases found in trees. As these reports become more complete over time, it will be possible to determine changes in insect populations and the presence of diseases.
Earlier, it was mentioned that one stress factor alone will rarely kill a tree, but multiple stress factors make it more vulnerable. Here’s something to think about related to that comment. If climatic temperatures change, precipitation patterns change, and a new insect or disease becomes more prevalent, that is an example of multiple stress factors that can make trees more susceptible.

Tree Selection

Climate change may affect which tree species are recommended for future plantings. Some species may become less suitable and others that have not been traditionally planted in an area may become better choices. Because trees live for decades, it’s something that will need to be studied over time.

Climate Change Can Affect Trees

There’s no doubt that climate change will impact the health of trees. No one is completely certain about all the effects that will be seen in the future. Tree Service in Lawrenceville, GA, are keeping a watchful eye on the situation. As professionals in the field, they are sharing what they find with the public.