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KnowTrees LLC is staffed by certified arborists serving Buford and Lawrenceville, GA, and the surrounding areas. Our qualified crew regularly updates their skills to keep up with the latest techniques, most advanced methods, and new innovations within the industry. Our team is trained and experienced with the tools and equipment necessary for good tree care.

We’re committed to maintaining the highest of standards of environmental and personal safety on every project we undertake. We offer reasonable, affordable rates and provide detailed written proposals so you never have hidden fees or unwelcome surprises.

Our team provides routine tree pruning, trimming, and cutting services to help keep your landscape beautiful and healthy.

Tree Pruning Services

Tree pruning enhances and restores the beauty of your trees. It’s an important element of good landscape maintenance. Regular pruning helps protect your trees against storm damage and risks from falling limbs and branches. Getting rid of deadwood, crossover branches, decay, unwanted growth, and other potential hazards improves the appearance and value of your property and helps keep you and others safe.

Why Prune Trees?

Expert pruning facilitates proper tree growth. Real estate professionals say that mature trees improve the value of your property.

Proper pruning also decreases your liability risks. If you have a diseased or dying tree that falls and damages a neighbor’s property you could face financial liability. Usually, if the tree has been routinely cared for and inspected by a professional, the damaged property will probably be covered by that property owner’s insurance.

Additional reasons to have a professional prune your trees are to:

  • Shape and thin the canopy of mature trees and provide clearance for new growth
  • Enhance landscape beauty
  • Remove diseased or dying growth and strengthen a tree
  • Eliminate structural defects that inhibit growth
  • Reduce potential hazards
  • Increase airflow and light to your property
  • Control tree size
  • Maintain property values

Professional Tree Pruning Makes a Difference

Because every plant and property is unique, Know Trees LLC carefully inspects and creates custom pruning plans for trees, shrubs, and hedges.

Pruning can have a significant impact on the life of your trees when it’s done properly. If it isn’t done right, it can result in damage, including weakened limbs, insect infestation, and increased risk of disease.

Tree Trimming

The United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) warns that trimming trees is dangerous and that people are killed while trimming trees, so it’s wise to seek a professional tree trimming service.

Trust the job to the experts if:

  • You have trees close to your house
  • You have trees close to a neighbor’s house
  • You have Bottom of Form trees that are near power lines or underground cabling
  • If you don’t have the knowledge or proper equipment to do the job effectively.

Tree Cutting

Arborists are experts in pruning, trimming, and removing trees. They know how to control where a tree falls and they make certain no one will be hurt and no property will be damaged. Cutting down a tree is dangerous, precise work that’s best left in the hands of professionals.

24-Hour Emergency Assistance

Know Trees LLC provides 24-hour emergency tree removal services in the Buford and Lawrenceville areas. We’ll assess and inspect damage caused by storms or other events. In an emergency, call our tree experts for immediate assistance.

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KnowTrees LLC is a recognized, trusted, award-winning tree company. We build strong relationships with our clients and pride ourselves on delivering high-quality, professional tree services. Each tree specialist on our team is committed to maintaining the highest environmental and safety standards on every project. We guarantee a fair and competitive bid.

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