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Gorgeous trees are a hallmark of Georgia and the south. Chances are, your landscape includes at least one of the many trees native to Lawrenceville and Buford, GA, such as giant, towering oaks, lacy dogwoods, or elegant magnolias. These showstoppers and many others can add shade, beauty, and interest to your property for a lifetime with proper maintenance and care. Sometimes, you may need tree removal services. The team of certified tree experts at Know Trees, LLC, has extensive training in tree removal. Our arborists and tree experts will evaluate your tree, determine the best course of action, and complete the work efficiently, with little to no damage to the surrounding area.

A variety of circumstances may arise that make tree removal necessary, including the following:

  • Expanding tree roots that pose a threat to foundations, driveways, and underground utilities.
  • Broadening canopies that block out too much light, inhibiting the growth of adjacent lawns or other landscape features.
  • Growing and aging that result in the tree being in unsafe proximity to buildings, play structures, or utility lines.
  • Dropping seeds and branches that make maintaining the tree and the landscape onerous.
  • Damaging wind, rain and ice storms that undermine the integrity of the tree and its systems.

A dead or decaying tree can reduce the value of your property and also pose a health and safety hazard. Prompt removal of trees that are damaged beyond repair is be necessary to protect your property. Our certified professionals will assess the situation thoroughly to determine if tree removal is the right course of action.

Tree removal is a significant undertaking and is not recommended as a do-it-yourself project, especially for large trees or any trees that are in close proximity to power lines or other structures. Know Trees LLC experts carefully consider your landscape to determine the best approach for tree removal on your property. We take great care when felling a tree and the safety of your property and all occupants is our top priority. Stumps are cut flush to the ground or completely removed as part of the process, and all wood is cut into measured logs for storage or disposal according to your specifications. Additionally, it is important to be aware that, in many cases, a permit is required for tree removal in Georgia. Applying for this permit is the property owner’s responsibility, but our team will help you get everything is order so you can get what you need.
Excluding the situations described above that require tree removal, many other tree troubles can be resolved with the right care and maintenance. Our certified arborists are available to assess your property and discuss the health and safety of your trees. Know Trees, LLC, has a wide variety of tools and solutions designed to preserve and protect trees, including cabling and bracing that can protect trees from storm damage and extend their lifespan. We also offer routine maintenance for trees that includes trimming and fertilizing. Our staff of professionals is trained in the latest innovations in the industry and we consistently practice the most advanced methods to ensure that the trees, shrubs, and hedges in our care enjoy optimal health. Our team is fully committed to maintaining the highest of standards of environmental and personal safety on each and every project we undertake.

Emergency Tree Removal

We offer emergency tree removal services, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Any hanging branches, rotten trees and trees with weak roots may pose serious threat of injury and death during strong wings and storms and should be removed promptly. We provide quick and efficient tree removal for these and other hazards. At the onset of the hurricane and storm season, our trained staff works around the clock to perform quick and efficient tree removal. While we recognize that accidents happen, we also want to emphasize the importance of diligent tree maintenance. Much of the damage that falling trees and limbs causes can be prevented by keeping trees properly trimmed, removing dead and rotting trees, and otherwise working to preserve the health of trees.

Know Trees, LLC, knows trees. Our family-run business believes in conserving and preserving these precious and beautiful natural resources. Call is today to put us to work keeping your trees in excellent shape!

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