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Pruning cross branches

Cross branches can cause a lot of damage to your tree. I recently helped a client prune multiple branches from their maple tree in Lilburn, GA. This maple tree is they’re pride and joy tree in the front yard. They had left it untouched [...]

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Tree removal in Flowery Branch

Today we had a great day of tree removal in Flowery Branch. Our team was able to quickly and safely remove 7 large trees in our customer's back yard. 1 of the trees was a very large dead Poplar tree that was threatening the [...]

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Leyland Cypress: Seiridium Canker

In Georgia, seiridium canker is most often caused by a fungus called Seiridium unicorne. This plague to Leyland Cypress trees forms on the stems and branches. Dark oval to elongated lesions are dry and look like a healing wound on a human with raised [...]

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Leyland Cypress: Dieback/ Canker

The fungus known as botryosphaeria dothidea has symptoms similar to seiridium canker. Branches will turn yellow to brown in color. However, the needles will not easily fall off by running your hand down the branch. Much deeper cankers will be visible as the tree [...]

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Is my Maple tree dying?

Maple trees can decline for a variety of reasons. Most maples are susceptible, however, urban trees need special care to prevent stress factors that cause decline. Adverse conditions can cause a maple tree so much stress that it no longer thrives. Maple tree’s in [...]

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