Know Trees Dead Tree in Your Yard-1Nobody really likes the idea of having to have a tree removed. Trees are a beautiful addition to our neighborhoods and yards and they can serve many purposes. Anyone that’s ever tied a swing to a tree or basked in its shade knows about this special relationship. It’s hard to make the decision to remove it. However, a dead or dying tree in your yard can not only change the look of your property, it can also be a danger. Many home owners will procrastinate on removing a dead tree because it can be expensive, but the reality is that waiting to remove it can be even more costly. Also, if a tree falls, the consequences can be more than financial. Here are some of the reasons why it can be harmful to have a dead tree on your property.

It Could Fall

Of course, the first danger that comes to mind is the idea of the tree falling on you, a family member, neighbor, house, or vehicle. Even if the entire tree doesn’t fall over, you’ll regularly run the risk of huge limbs coming down during a strong wind or a storm. Unfortunately, this has become a true nightmare for a number of home owners who could have prevented this from happening. Calling a trustworthy tree removal service should be a top priority if you think a tree, especially a larger tree, is dying or dead in your yard.

It Can Attract Pests and Critters

Know Trees Dead Tree in Your Yard-2Even though the tree is dead, it won’t stop a family of rats from nesting inside of it. Dead trees can attract all sorts of pests and critters that won’t care what the tree looks like on the outside. Termites are one of the worst parts of this attraction, due to the fact that they can spread to other trees or even your home.

Diseases Can Spread

If your tree is decaying due to some sort of disease, this can also easily spread, much like the pests that are attracted to it. Trees that are riddled with disease can infect nearby plants and other trees in your yard. This can become incredibly expensive because you will not only have to replace the tree, but you’ll most likely have to replace other vegetation on your property. If you happen to grow food or herbs in a garden in the area, the disease or even treatments can contaminate everything. You’ll want to contact a local service that handles emergency tree removal in Lawrenceville, GA to handle any potential problems.