Tree Removal 1Maybe you have some trees on your property that should be removed. Of course, there’s really no hurry to call tree services in Lawrenceville, GA, to get this done, or is there? It may be in your best interest not to postpone the removal of a tree. In some cases, this will protect you and your property, but it can also clear the yard and prevent termites and other insects from taking over.

Protect Your Property

Some trees must be removed because they are a hazard to you and your property. In this case, it’s important to act quickly, because you never know when an unstable tree will topple. It may not even take a major storm if the tree is already leaning or overgrown. Trees that are too close to the power lines should also be cut down or removed entirely. Otherwise, if the tree is on your property and ends up taking down the powerline, you may be liable for the repairs.

It’s not always easy to tell whether a tree presents a hazard or not. For example, a tree with dead branches on one side will be lopsided and likely to fall. A hollow tree may look fine from the outside, but its tree trunk is compromised and more likely to fall. Similarly, if the area near your tree has recently been excavated, it’s possible that the root system is compromised, and tree must be removed.

Tree Removal 2

Clear the Yard

Your tree may have already fallen over, and now it takes up your entire yard or driveway. In this case, it’s a good idea to get the remaining part cut down and the tree stump removed before it ruins your yard any further. If the tree stump remains there, then it will take longer for the grass to grow back underneath. Similarly, a fallen tree will put a lot of weight on your driveway. If your car was damaged or the tree is blocking the way, then you might even need to call emergency tree services, so you can go to work.

Prevent Termites

After your tree was cut down, you may be tempted to leave the tree stump in your yard. That’s because it requires extra time and money to grind down the stump. The problem is that a decaying trump will take years to rot away completely. In the meantime, it presents a perfect breeding ground for ants, termites, beetles, and other wood-boring insects. These insects don’t normally pose a problem in your yard, but they may spread into your home eventually, too.