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Tree Care Provided By Certified Arborists

When it comes to tree care, you want to find a company that you can trust. Here at Know Trees, we staff the best certified arborists and tree care enthusiasts in Georgia. Our crew members are constantly fine tuning their skills and abilities within the field to ensure our customers receive nothing but the absolute best service. We offer a variety of service options when in comes to tree care and landscape maintenance. Whether you’re looking for tree pruning, tree trimming, fertilizer, or even a tree maintenance plan we have you covered.

Tree Pruning Services

Tree pruning enhances and restores the beauty of your trees. It’s an important element of good landscape maintenance. Regular pruning helps protect your trees against storm damage and risks from falling limbs and branches. Getting rid of deadwood, crossover branches, decay, unwanted growth, and other potential hazards improves the appearance and value of your property and helps keep you and others safe.

Why Prune Trees?

Expert pruning facilitates proper tree growth. Real estate professionals say that mature trees improve the value of your property.

Proper pruning also decreases your liability risks. If you have a diseased or dying tree that falls and damages a neighbor’s property you could face financial liability. Usually, if the tree has been routinely cared for and inspected by a professional, the damaged property will probably be covered by that property owner’s insurance.

Additional reasons to have a professional prune your trees are to:

  • Shape and thin the canopy of mature trees and provide clearance for new growth
  • Enhance landscape beauty
  • Remove diseased or dying growth and strengthen a tree
  • Eliminate structural defects that inhibit growth
  • Reduce potential hazards
  • Increase airflow and light to your property
  • Control tree size
  • Maintain property values

Professional Tree Pruning Makes a Difference

Because every plant and property is unique, we carefully inspect and create custom pruning plans for trees, shrubs, and hedges. We take pride in our ability to offer affordable service you can count on.

Pruning can have a significant impact on the life of your trees when it’s done properly. If it isn’t done right, it can result in damage, including weakened limbs, insect infestation, and increased risk of disease. Our certified arborists have years of training and can fully assess, treat, and maintain your trees under any circumstance.

Tree Trimming

You might think that tree trimming, and tree pruning are the same thing, but they actually serve different purposes. Tree pruning is performed to remove any dead or dangerous limbs to protect the tree from disease to keep it healthy. Tree trimming is focused on the shape of the tree itself to ensure perfect growth and make the tree look stunning. Trimming might seem like a simple job but depending in the size of the tree it can be very dangerous to do. The United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) warns that trimming trees is dangerous and that people are killed while trimming trees, so it’s wise to seek a professional tree trimming service.

Call us for professional help if you are experiencing any of the issues listed below:

  • You have trees close to your house
  • You have trees close to a neighbor’s house
  • You have Bottom of Form trees that are near power lines or underground cabling
  • If you don’t have the knowledge or proper equipment to do the job effectively.


Fertilizer is an important part of general landscape maintenance, and especially tree care. Choosing the right kind can be difficult and depends on the need of your individual tree. It is made up from any material of natural or synthetic origin that is added into soil to provide the required nutrients to keep your plants and trees happy and healthy. When a tree grows in its natural habitat, it has access to all minerals they need to stay healthy and continue to grow.

There are two main types of fertilizers which are chemical and organic.

  • Chemical fertilizer – is made from any material of inorganic or synthetic origin which is usually manufactured in a factory. These types are generally much cheaper than organic and are much more concentrated making it easy to use too much and harm your plants.
  • Organic fertilizer – is made from the leftovers or remains of natural organisms. Generally, more expensive than chemical based fertilizers, however they can provide much better nutrients in the long run as it is made from natural materials.

Mulch And Wood Chips

When you think of mulch you generally imagine it as small to medium pieces of wood used to cover the ground around your plants and tree to help retain moisture. However, this is not the case as mulch can be pretty much anything. The definition of mulch is any layer of material that is applied to the surface of soil. This can be anything from pine straw, grass clippings, and wood chips, to more synthetic types made from rubber or plastic. Here at Know Trees we specialize in wood chips mulch which we offer by the truck load. Wood chips are made from grinding up entire trees providing great moisture control for your landscape, and the proper nutrients to keep your plants happy and healthy. Wood chips provide a variety of benefits for your plants and trees that makes it one of the top choices when selecting a type of mulch.

  • Provides a thick barrier over the soil reducing water evaporation
  • Filled with a plethora of nutrients for your garden
  • Reduces the effect of harmful rays of the sun keeping the soil cool
  • Due too the density of wood chips, weeds have a difficult time sprouting
  • Environmentally friendly as it is created from old trees to help make new ones

24-Hour Emergency Assistance

We provides 24-hour emergency tree removal services in the Buford and Lawrenceville areas. We’ll assess and inspect damage caused by storms or other events. In an emergency, call our tree experts for immediate assistance.

Our Service Area

We take pride in being recognized as a trusted tree service company. We are a family owned and operated company that goes above and beyond to provide quality service to our customers and make them feel like family. Our employees are all certified tree care experts who provide high-quality maintenance for both commercial and residential customers. We provide service to customers within Bethlehem, Bogart, Buford, Dacula, Flowery Branch, Lawrenceville, Loganville, Monroe, Statham, Watkinsville, and Winder. Customer relationship is a priority for us as we believe that trust is the foundation of quality service.

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