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The trees in Georgia and the rest of the south are hallmarks of beauty and nature. Chances are, your landscape includes at least one giant towering oak, a lacy dogwood, or an elegant magnolia. These showstoppers can add shade, beauty, and interest to your property, and with proper maintenance and care can last multiple lifetimes. Yet trees are living organisms and many things can happen that lead to a need for removal. Having our team of certified tree experts on hand at Know Trees, we understand that anything can happen. Our extensive training in tree removal has made us the best tree removal experts in Georgia. If you are concerned for your tree call us today. Our arborists and tree experts will evaluate your tree, then determine the best course of action, and complete the work efficiently, with little to no damage to the surrounding area.

Tree Removal

You might be wondering under what circumstances you should start to consider tree removal. Sometimes it could be from storm damage, and other times it could be more natural reasons such as a dead or decaying limb that spread disease into the rest of the tree making in a hazard. Perhaps you are just looking to clear some space or increase light flow throughout your home. There are a variety of different reasons that a tree could require removal for the safety of you and your home. Below is some information on issues that may arise and what to lookout for:

  • Expansion or growth of tree roots that could pose a threat to the foundation of your home, driveways, sidewalks, and any underground utilities.
  • Growing to a size that can block too much light, inhibiting the growth of personal and neighboring lawns and landscapes.
  • Unsafe growth and aging of a tree that can result in increased risk of falling within an unsafe proximity of buildings and property.
  • Dropping of seeds or other items including limbs and branches making tree care onerous.
  • Damage caused by heavy winds and rain, ice storms, or other weather-related incidents that can leave your trees integrity damaged making it a hazard.

Dead or decaying trees not only cause safety hazards to yourself, others, and surrounding properties. Timely removal of these trees is highly recommended to ensure protection of your well being and the safety of your property. Our certified arborists not only provide all these services, but also inspect your trees for other underlying issues such as diseased or dead limbs that can spread disease to the rest of trees.

How Often Should Your Trees Be Inspected 

Trees that are well cared for and maintained can live for a very long time but how often should you have your tree thoroughly inspected? Well to be honest it really depends on the situation. If you have noticed something odd or alarming it is best to call someone immediately to check if the tree is in good health.

A certified arborist can provide an in-depth investigation into the tree to determine its health, assess risk, and provide a detailed report on the best course of action. In more general cases if you don’t have a tree care provider, you should have your trees inspected about every three years to check for damage, and make sure it has not become hazardous to you or your property. We offer very detailed oriented and quality inspections provided by our certified arborists.

How Much Does Tree Removal Cost

We are a family owned and operated company who believes in maintaining relationships and treating our customers like family. We know that pricing is a major shopping point for consumers which is why we provide services at an affordable rate to ensure anyone can get the tree care they need. Call today and schedule an appointment with a 100% free and detailed quote on any service you may require.

Emergency Tree Removal

Hazardous trees with hanging branches, rotten cores, and trees with weak or damaged root systems pose a serious threat of injury or worse during strong winds and storms. However even without these extreme conditions, a severely weak tree can even fall on its own or start to shift as it weakens. If you notice anything alarming or are concerned about the state of your tree, call us today. We offer emergency tree removal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week because accidents can happen around the clock. Sometimes accidents can happen when you least expect it but having regular tree care or maintenance can severely reduce the chances of these incidents.

KnowTrees is family-owned and operated and can provide affordable tree maintenance packages to keep your trees happy and healthy.

Stump Grinding

Once a tree has been removed once part of the tree remains an eye sore in your yard. The stump of the tree is left sticking out of the ground in the middle of your land. However, we offer an affordable service that can make the stump virtually disappear without causing any further damage to your yard. Stump grinding is performed by using a piece of equipment called a stump grinder to cut the stump into small pieces quite like mulch.

Once the process has been completed the stump will be completely gone leaving only the root system which will decay overtime. This is much better for your yard as apposed to stump removal which would rip all the roots out as well leaving your lawn a mess.

Tree stumps left over from storm damage or tree removal are not only just visually unappealing but can cause other potentially hazardous issues. Stump Grinding is very dangerous work that involves the use of machinery that can result in serious injury if used improperly. Our arborists are certified and trained to make quick work of unwanted stumps while preserving your lawn from any damage. Below is a list of a few hazards that could arise from tree stumps.

  • Can cause injury to animals and younger children
  • Certain wild animals can use the stump to try and build a nest
  • Patios, sidewalks, and foundations could be damaged should new growth sprout from the root system
  • Rotting, decaying, or diseased tree stumps can attract pests most notably termites which can cause tremendous damage to your home should they spread

The price of stump grinding depends mostly on the diameter of the stump. This determines the size of the project, the equipment required, and the time required for completion. The average price for stump grinding ranges between $100 to $400 dollars. However, we believe in offering quality service at an affordable price without hidden fees. Call today for a free consultation with a detailed quote provided at no additional cost.

Storm Damage

Storms can have a devastating impact on your home or business, especially if there are trees nearby the facility. When tree limbs, branches, or even whole trees cause damage to your property after a storm, call the experts at Know Trees! Our storm cleanup crew is fast and friendly, with your home or business in mind. Mother Nature doesn’t move on a set schedule, and neither do we. Since there is no such thing as a good time for a tree to fall on your home or business, we are available 24/7 to put your mind at ease.

Keep your family and yourself safe after a storm causes fallen trees in your area. Fallen Trees alone can be problematic but can become even more hazardous when power lines are involved. If a power lines or utility lines are down, follow these steps:

  • Do not approach. Assume any downed line is energized.
  • Call the authorities and power company immediately.
  • Avoid touching anything near the downed line and make sure nobody goes near the line. Physical contact with energized lines can result in electrocution, injury, or death.
  • Be aware that downed power lines can be hidden in brush and foliage. Play it safe; call a tree care professional.

Tree Clearing

Sometimes you might need tree removal but on a much larger scale. Here at Know Trees we also provide tree clearing for those who are looking to clear a large amount of space for any reason. You might be clearing a plot of land you have purchased to build a new home, or maybe you live close to a heavily wooded area and would like more of your land to be usable. Once you schedule an appointment with us we send out a trained professional to talk with you and insect the land you would like cleared. They will provide a detailed quote at no cost with zero hidden fees so you can see exactly what your paying for. We will send a certified and insured team to your property to begin clearing the land quickly and efficiently removing debris as they work. Once finished your new land will be ready for use by family and friends. We take pride in our work and go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction on every job we take on.

Tree debris Clearing and Cleanup 

Tree debris can be cause from many different sources. Whether it be due to a decaying tree dropping limbs and leaves all over, to debris caused by heavy storms. We take on any job no matter the size because the safety and well being of our customers and neighbors matter. Our team will completely remove and clear any and all debris across your yard leaving it exactly the way it was before. 


Click here for more information on services provided by our certified arborists.

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We take pride in being recognized as a trusted tree service company. We are a family owned and operated company that goes above and beyond to provide quality service to our customers and make them feel like family. Our employees are all certified tree care experts who provide high-quality maintenance for both commercial and residential customers.

Our services are offered to customers within Bethlehem, Bogart, Buford, Dacula, Flowery Branch, Lawrenceville, Loganville, Monroe, Statham, Watkinsville, and Winder. Customer relationship is a priority for us as we believe that trust is the foundation of quality service.

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