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Thank you for visiting KnowTrees LLC, Buford’s leading professionals in tree care and removal. We offer a variety of high-quality tree services to residential and commercial properties in the community.

Local Tree Care

Trees in Buford, GA, have their own special sets of needs, and our tree service team at KnowTrees LLC knows just how to care for them. As arborists, we have the experience to handle delicate tree care services, from tree pruning to emergency tree removal and more. Trust us to handle any tree care needs on your property, because landscapers and lawn care experts don’t have the specialized knowledge to handle tree species appropriately.

Without proper care, your trees can overgrow, become ill, or even die prematurely. You should do all you can protect your trees because they are extremely valuable. At the same time, the structures on your property are valuable, too, and your trees may be a threat to them. KnowTrees LLC is your go-to tree removal service for overgrown trees, dead trees, trees at risk of falling, trees in danger of touching power lines or your roof, or trees and branches that have fallen due to a heavy storm. The tree arborist who visits your property will help you decide if removal is necessary or if tree trimming will take care of any threat to your home or business.

Our Tree Services

What tree care needs are important to you? Do you have problematic trees? Do you want to encourage healthy tree growth for optimal shade and deep green color? KnowTrees LLC can assist you with a wide array of tree-related concerns. Our wide range of services include:

  • Tree pruning
  • Tree cutting
  • Emergency tree removal
  • Tree stump removal
  • Diagnosis of tree diseases and fungal growths
  • General advice for tree species-specific care concerns
  • Preventative care to promote your trees’ health and attractive growth
  • And so much more

Choose an Arborist

Don’t try to trim your own trees or grind stumps on your own. It takes special equipment and training to handle this delicate work, and attempting to DIY tree care can have serious consequences. For example, improper pruning can leave trees vulnerable to disease or death. Damage to a mature tree’s bark can kill the entire tree. Worse, you can cause trees or branches to fall on your home or business, damaging the structure. Worst of all, you can injure yourself, especially if you attempt to cut down large trees or branches by yourself rather than hiring tree trimmers. There is a huge risk of electric shock, fall injuries, cuts, strains, and more. Thankfully, our team of tree arborists have the experience and equipment to care for trees safely. Always trust a professional tree company in Buford with your tree care needs. It’s the best choice for your trees, landscape, and health.

Customer Service Standards

KnowTrees LLC has proud roots in the local community, and that is why we are dedicated to developing strong relationships with our local customer base. Our mission is to offer high-quality tree care for a variety of needs with courteous service at low prices. Unlike other tree companies in the area, we put our customers first and your trees second. We are dedicated to doing what is best for your property, but we do not consider the job finished until you are 100 percent satisfied with the results.

Contact KnowTrees LLC to discuss your property’s tree care needs. We promise to do all we can for you and your property, all for best prices in the area.

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