Dead Leyland Cypress tree affected by dieback/ canker

I had a new customer call me to remove 2 Leyland Cypress trees today. After we were finished with removing the 2 dead Leyland Cypress trees he asked why they had died. He informed me that they started turning brown from the inside out. He also asked if there was anything he could’ve done to help prevent them from dying.

First off, let me thank you for your business with KnowTrees llc and the great question you had asked. I will answer so that everyone can have a better understanding of why they’re Leyland Cypress trees are tuning brown or dying.

There are three different types of fungus that can destroy a Leyland Cypress tree.

Leyland cypress trees just don’t do very well in Georgia. Our rain is too sporadic, we have late freezes in spring, its too hot and so on. Leyland Cypress trees are a hybrid from the United Kingdom. Planting them in Georgia is like keeping oil and vinegar from separating, the bottom line is they may or may not do well, and certainly not without a lot of help.

Although it’s hard to know exactly what lead to the demise of your Leyland Cypress tree by not watching it develop. With what you had explained to me and the state that it was in, I’d say it was branch die back caused by the fungus known as bot. As explained in my blog about dieback/ canker, it would be best to completely grind all stumps and remove all wood chip debris. Thank you again for your business with KnowTrees and I hope this article was helpful.